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Edinburgh by Kirkwood 1817

"The Early views and Maps of Edinburgh” says Robert Kirkwood’s splendid large map "is the finest plan of Edinburgh of the early part of the 19th Century”. It has not been reprinted before, and original copies are rare. It is not coloured. As well as the streets and houses the map includes: gardens, wells, quarries, hills, dovecots, ponds, burns and lochs, also proposed canals, roads and harbours. Ideal for everyone interested in local and family history. 6 Sheets. Watermark of Caledonian maps (Publisher) will not be on sheets sent
Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Complete set of 6 sheets
£ 25.00
Edinburgh in 1817 - a set of 6 superb maps showing the whole of Edinburgh and Leith.  63cm x 81cm.

The map covers the whole city as it was in 1817, plus large areas which are now suburbs, with these boundaries - North- Firth of Forth West- East Pilton, Comely Bank, Morningside South- Blackford,Craigmillar, Niddrie East- Craigentinny, Duddingston, Southfield

Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Sheet 1 - Engraved Map Titles & Leith
£ 6.25
This sheet is largely covered by the titles for the map but also includes most of Leith. Stunning caligraphy engraving so is excellent as a standalone map. detailed streets in Leith, some house owners identified
Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Sheet 2 - Holyrood & Piershill
£ 6.25
Includes Holyrood Palace Lochend Piershill Barracks and a small part of Leith Walk 
Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Sheet 3 - Duddingston
£ 6.25
Including Salisbury Crags Duddingston  
Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Sheet 4 - Newhaven
£ 6.25
Including Newhaven Bonnington and Trinity 
Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Sheet 5 - Central Edinburgh
£ 6.25
Including Edinburgh Castle High St to the Canongate The New Town Canon Mills Warriston 
Edinburgh in 1817 by Kirkwood - Sheet 6 - Brunsfield
£ 6.25
Including Brunsfield The Meadows Morningside George Square Fountain Bridge